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In a recent workers’ compensation case, Blue v. Arrington, Md. Ct. Sp. App. (2015), the Maryland Court of Special Appeals had before it the issue of an individual attempting to seek compensation due to the alleged negligence of his co-worker in causing his personal injuries suffered while on duty.

The case arose out of an incident in which the plaintiff, Stinyard Blue, was working for Baltimore City. He was performing his duties as an aide on a garbage truck. As such, he was “side mounted” on the outside of the garbage truck that his co-worker was driving. Then, while reportedly on a cellphone, the co-worker turned the vehicle, crushing the plaintiff’s legs and midsection between a fence and a brick wall. Following the incident, the plaintiff filed a claim under the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act, for which he received benefits for lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent disability.

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Automobile accident fatalities continue to be reported in high numbers across the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 43,000 people killed in fatal car accidents each year in the United States. About 40% of these fatal crashes are alcohol related.

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An Appellate Court in Florida has granted a ten day stay of an order that stopped Allstate from selling any new auto insurance policies in Florida. Last week, the Florida Insurance Commission prohibited Allstate from writing any new auto insurance policies because it failed to comply with a subpoena in its property insurance business.

Contaminated tissue lawsuit
01/24/2008 06:05:18 PM

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