Car Accident on Ice or Snow

There are several reported Maryland cases regarding automobile accidents on ice or snow. They include Larkins v. Balt. Transit, 249 Md. 305; Billmeyer v. State f/u/o Whiteman, 192 Md. 419; Wolfe v. State f/u/o Brown, 173 Md. 103; and Trusty v. Wooden, 251 Md. 294. A person must use reasonable care when driving on ice or snow. This could include reducing speed and being aware of longer stopping distances. Car Accident on Ice or snow.

Slip and Fall Evidence
02/04/2010 09:34:32 AM

Slip and Fall. The case law in Maryland suggests that in order to prevail on a slip and fall case where liquid has been left on the floor one must prove how long it had been there. It is not as simple as just saying there was liquid on the floor. There must have been sufficient time for the occupier of the property to observe and clean up the liquid. It may not be enough to say the liquid was dirty because there may not be any inferences that can be drawn from mere dirty liquid. If there were footprints in the liquid or other evidence to suggest length of time on the floor, perhaps one could win such a case. One of the important cases in this regard is Manns v. Giant of Maryland, LLC at 871 A. 2d 627, 161 Md. App. 620.

Drowning Victim at Beach
02/02/2010 02:21:13 PM

Apparently the city of Miami has agreed to pay $ 5 million to the family of a man who drowned. He was attempting to save a woman who had been caught in a riptide. Florida has case law that suggests cities have a duty to advise beachgoers of dangerous tide conditions they either knew about or should have known about. Unfortunately, the city did not have lifeguards or any posted signs at the location of the drowning. In Maryland, there would be a cap on non economic loss damages so this type of settlement might not be possible. Maryland would also address the concept of tort immunity and a distinction between governmental and proprietary function would have to be addressed. Drowning at beach.

Insurance Company Can Refuse Payments
01/29/2010 09:09:40 AM

An insurance company can refuse payments if their insured is not cooperative in the defense of a case. There are numerous cases on this subject but the basis for the proposition can be found in The Maryland Code, Insurance Article, 19-110. The cases suggest that the right to refuse payment derives from the fact that the insurance company has been prejudiced in their ability to properly defend the case. Prejudice, therefore, becomes the real issue in these cases. If, for example, the accident is a simple rear end accident where liability is virtually not in question, the suggestion of non cooperation might not apply because liability is often stipulated anyway. Moreover, if the defendant/insured really cannot offer any testimony regarding the injuries of a party at the scene of the accident, there can hardly be any prejudice under those circumstances either. Thus, the insurance company cannot just arbitrarily deny coverage of a claim because the insured failed to cooperate if the failure is inconsequential anyway. In order to invoke this defense, the insurance company must prove that the failure of cooperation has, in a significant way, precluded or hampered it from presenting a legitimate jury issue. Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer.

Large verdict in malpractice case
01/20/2010 12:36:59 PM

A Texas jury recently awarded $ 4 million to a man who suffered significant injuries from a wrongfully performed bowel operation. The physician failed to detect a leaking bowel. As a result, the patient had to have most of his small bowel removed. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, please call one of our attorneys for a free consultation. Remember, a bad result does not necessarily mean there was medical malpractice. Medicine is not a perfect science. However, if there is a breach of the standard of care required for a particular procedure and damage results, one is entitled to file a medical malpractice claim. If you or a friend has suffered injury as a result of medical malpractice please call one of our attorneys for a free consultation. Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Large settlements in auto accident cases and the differences in jurisdictions
01/12/2010 03:07:06 PM an accident involving a 2006 crash that killed two people and left a third victim with permanent brain damage, an Illinois county settled the three claims for $ 15.5 million. Apparently, a sheriff’s deputy slammed into the automobile being operated by one of the injured parties. Although wrongful death claims vary from state to state, Maryland and the District of Columbia do recognize wrongful death and survival action claims. There are procedurally and substantive differences between the jurisdictions but essentially they are to compensate the estate for any burial expenses, and medical bills, any conscious pain and suffering and in Maryland any grief. Lost wage claims are perhaps more significant in the District of Columbia because Maryland limits those claims from the date of injury to the date of death. The District of Columbia allows lost wage claims for the amount reasonably expected to earn during the lifetime of the deceased. The District of Columbia does not, however, provide for grief claims. There are caps on what is called non economic damages in Maryland. There are no such caps in the District of Columbia. Non economic damages usually are referred to as pain and suffering damages

Medical malpractice resulting in cerebral palsy
12/21/2009 01:43:10 PM

A New York jury recently awarded $ 43.5 million to a woman who suffers cerebral palsy as a result of medical malpractice. The staff at the hospital failed for 10 minutes to properly resuscitate her, depriving her of oxygen for that period of time. This led to the brain damage. Unfortunately, attending physicians and other medical personnel must be prepared to act immediately in these type of situations because seconds count, not just minutes. With the technology available to doctors and nurses in a delivery room today, these events simply should not happen. This is what appears to be one of the largest verdicts ever in upstate New York. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, contact one of our attorneys today for a free legal consultation. All our attorney fees are contingent fees so there simply is no expense for you to find out if you have a claim.

Large verdict in bedsore case
11/14/2009 06:12:06 PM

A quadriplegic was recently awarded damages in the amount of $ 2.2 million by a New York judge because he developed bedsores while recovering from a spinal cord injury. Apparently the staff at a hospital failed to regularly turn the man over during his stay in the hospital. The bedsores had to be closed surgically. As a result, the quadriplegic could not participate in required physical therapy for his other injuries. Unfortunately, bedsores are often found in nursing home situations because of inadequate staffing or training.

If you or loved one has a claim because of bedsores resulting from improper medical attention, call one of our attorneys for a free consultation.

Time frame for safe blood storage
11/14/2009 01:30:05 PM

A recent study suggests that blood that is stored for more than 28 days before being used for transfusion may be more susceptible to infection. The study which included the time period between 2003 and 2006 indicates that people who were transfused with blood older than 28 days were twice as likely to develop pneumonia, urinary tract infections, heart valve infections, sepsis and other infections.

Lawsuit involving helicopter crash
10/28/2009 01:29:07 PM

Two Families are suing the owner and manufacturer of a helicopter that crashed, killing the two firefighters. The named defendants are Carson Helicopters, General Electric, Columbia Helicopters, Sirkorsky Aircraft and United Technologies. The suit asks for ten million dollars as damages.
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