Contaminated Water

What are you drinking?

How do you drink your water? Is it out of a bottle, purifier, or the tap? Water should be a staple of everyone’s diet and it’s disheartening to hear all the contamination cases throughout the country.

Montana’s Colstrip power settled a case last week for $25 million because their holding ponds leaked into local towns. Contaminant’s were found in nearby water supplies and individual homeowner’s wells. It is also alleged that one reservoir leaked into a town’s water supply, and raised the water level enough to cause structural damage to some homes. The company has taken steps to secure their reservoirs with rubber liners. (Brown,, 5/2/08)

Chevron and 10 other oil companies have agreed to a settlement of $423 million to remedy their use of MTBE and it’s contamination of the water supply in 17 states. MTBE, methyl tertiary butyl ether, was used as a gasoline additive which reduced air pollution. However, it has been discovered that when MTBE is burned it causes massive contamination of wells and aquifers. The oil companies involved will fund a 30 year water treatment program for areas of severe contamination. (Glovin,, 5/8/08)

┬áSo what’s in your water? Your water supplier is required to notify you if your water does not meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. If you have further questions or concerns the EPA’s website on ground water and drinking water ( is a great resource.

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Plastics, BPA, and the Consumer
04/28 2008 05:59:00 PM

Polycarbonate plastics and Bisphenol A, or BPA, have put parents on high alert in recent months. Polycarbonate plastics have been used for more than 20 years in baby bottles, water bottles, and sports equipment because they don’t shatter or break. BPA is a chemical used in polycarbonate plastic production. Current studies by the FDA and other organizations are inquiring into the toxicity of BPA. It is alleged that when plastic bottles are heated to extreme temperatures, toxic BPA seeps into the food contents. Adults don’t realize that BPA isn’t just in baby bottles and that they are also at risk! On April 22, 2008, Lani Felix-Lozano, a California mother of two, sued the manufacturer of Nalgene sports bottles claiming the company has not properly warned it’s consumers about BPA. While the lawsuit does not state any specific physical complaints, environmentalists note that BPA studies prove it is harmful even in small doses. These groups claim that animal studies demonstrate that BPA may cause “”hormone disruptions, infertility, early puberty, and cancer”” (Reuters 4/23/08).

The manufacturer of Nalgene bottles, Nalge Nunc, has begun to phase out the bottles containing BPA due to consumer pressure. Health Canada has released a report noting the dangers of BPA and some Canadian retailers, like Wal-Mart, are voluntarily removing products containing BPA from their shelves. The Food and Drug Administration is reassessing the safety of BPA since the National Toxicology Program discovered “”BPA may alter human development”” (Szabo, USA Today, 4/27/08). As a parent, we notice product recalls for toys and baby equipment. But as a consumer, we must also be conscious of our own safety. Keep yourself updated on product recalls so you don’t become a victim.”

Car Accident Fatalities
04/12/2008 05:59:57 PM

Auto Accidents are extremely dangerous there is no doubt about that. Some Car Accidents happen at slow speeds, aren’t dangerous and aren’t even reported to insurance companies. Unfortunately there are also car accidents that end with one more more fatalities. According to the FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) website, fatalities from auto accidents are on a rise. If you take a look at the website you will see in 1994 there were 36,254 fatal car crashes. In 2006 there were 38,5888 fatal car crashes. Foran & Foran has been handling serious auto accident crashes in Maryland for years. We treat our clients like a family member in need. We work with our clients in a way so that they feel as comfortable as possible in this extremely stressful time. Knowing that the amount of fatalities has risen is a fact that upsets many of us. We can only work together to try as hard as possible to avoid auto accidents.

However if you or someone you care about is a victim of an serious injury you may want to speak with our firm. We have a lot of information to help you understand and help answer your questions. Our office is located in Maryland and we are here to help you.

I have some more information about Auto Accidents that I’ll post first next week. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.””


Cell phone use in a vehicle accident ends in multimillion dollar settlement
03/22/2008 06:00:26 PM

A large paper company has agreed to pay $5.2 million to settle claims in a lawsuit which alleged that a company employee talking on a cell phone while driving caused a major accident which left one person receiving a partial amputation to her arm and substantial medical bills. 2/13/8
Currently, in Maryland, legislators are pushing for legislation that would ban drivers of vehicles from speaking on a handheld phone or texting while driving. There are several bills being submitted for approval. If a driver of a vehicle is typing a text, email or dialing a number, that driver is clearly not keeping their eyes on the road and is negligent in the operation of their vehicle. When the driver of a vehicle is not paying attention to the road and the other vehicles around them, major accidents can occur. Driver inattention while behind the wheel can substantially increase the likelihood of a vehicle accident causing injury to another.


Woman struck by bus wins lawsuit
02/14/2008 06:01:21 PM

Jurors decided that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority must pay $10 million to a woman that was struck by a bus while waiting at the bus stop. The Plaintiff now requires constant care for her multiple injuries from the accident. The parties are reviewing thier options for a possible appeal.

Boston Globe 2/12/08
Maryland law handles bus accidents much differently than other jurisdictions.


Vermont Hospital Settles Suit
02/07/2008 06:02:37 PM

A hospital in Vermont has agreed to pay 4 million dollars to a former surgeon to settle claims that the surgeon made regarding the manner in which he left his employment with the hospital. Specifically, the surgeon claims that the hospital tried to force him out after he criticized patient safety standards. The surgeon claimed that the hospital intentionally contaminated the surgical fluids for a few of his patients. The doctor then claimed that the hospital accused him of mental instability to try and discredit him.

Burlington Free Press 1/29/08″”


Rhode Island Nightclub Fire
02/07/2008 06:02:00 PM

Two Rhode Island television stations and a cameraman have agreed to a settlement with some of the the plaintiffs in the 2003 nightclub fire that killed 100 people. The lawsuit alleges that an exit door was blocked by the cameraman which did not allow patrons to leave the nightclub after the fire broke out. The tentative settlement, reached in a mediation, for $30 million is the largest settlement from the 2003 fire.

Boston Globe 2/2/08
Mediation can be a very useful tool in the facilitation of settlements in personal injury cases. In a mediation, a skilled mediatior will have the parties put forth their side of the case to the parties in the mediaton and have each party state what they would prove should the case go to trial. Usually the mediator will then separate each of the parties into different rooms. In most cases, the mediator will go back and forth between each room in an attempt to bring the parties closer together to a mutually agreeable number. Frequently, parties request a mediation in personal inury cases because they do not feel that a settlement can be reached on their own and they need the assistance of someone else.


Swimming pool lawsuit
01/31/2008 06:03:20 PM

A Connecticut family has filed a lawsuit after their 6 year old son became stuck in a swimming pool drain and drown to death. According to the lawsuit, the defendants did not meet the safety requirements designed to prevent these types of accidents. At least 48 people have been killed in these types of cases since 1985.

USA Today 1/28/08


Illinois Medical Malpractice Verdict
01/29/2008 06:03:47 PM

An Illinois jury has rendered a record setting verdict to the family of a woman who died after problems during childbirth. The jury awarded $22 million to the family of the deceased woman. In ruling for the Plaintiffs, the jury found that the hospital and its staff were negligent in their failure to treat a high blood pressure condition that ended up causing a massive brain hemmorrhage. The verdict is one of the largest awards involving the death of a woman in Illinois
Chicago Tribune 1/17/08


Mine Collapse Lawsuit
01/28/2008 06:04:15 PM

The families of seven miners that died last year in a mine collapse in Utah have filed a notice of intent to pursue litigation. According to the notices filed, the families allege that the defendants knew about dangerous conditions in the mine but failed to act to correct the dangerous conditons.